Zaporaa is a blockchain-based platform that enables decentralized gameplay for Pokémon enthusiasts. Players can collect, trade, and battle Pokémon on the blockchain, allowing for true ownership and secure transactions.

Play & Earn

Zaporaa's native token ZAP serve as the in-game currency for purchasing items, upgrades, buying special Pokémon. Players can earn Zaporaa tokens by participating in battles, completing quests, or contributing to the game's ecosystem.

True Ownership

Zaporaa brings the concept of true ownership to Pokémon gameplay. Each Pokémon and in-game asset is tokenized as a unique digital item on the blockchain, granting players complete ownership and control over their virtual possessions

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Zaporaa seamlessly integrates with various platforms and devices, allowing players to access their Pokémon and engage in gameplay from different locations and devices.

Gas Limit: 200000



ZAP is Zaporaa's Network Native Token. After purchase add ZAP wallet address (0xfDeEeb3178f6aDc639a2766e2FF9244D0365efCE) to your Metamask to import your ZAP tokens

What is Zaporaa?

Zaporaa is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform tailored to the vibrant world of Pokémon enthusiasts. With Zaporaa, players are empowered to engage in decentralized gameplay, unlocking a new dimension of possibilities for collecting, trading, and battling their cherished Pokémon creatures, all within a secure and immersive blockchain environment. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Zaporaa offers a groundbreaking experience that redefines the way Pokémon enthusiasts interact with their favorite digital creatures.

Decentralized Token
The platform helps investors to make easy to purchase and sell their Pokemon's tokens
Crowd Wisdom
The process of taking into account the collective opinion of a group
Rewards MeAchanism
30 Days staking period, 10% rewards

Why Choose Our Token

Mobile Gaming
The Zaporaa Mobile game is currently under development. ZAP Pokemon is the first installment of the series, holding special value. Don't miss out!
Staking Rewards
Earn rewards by staking ZAP token. Stake for 30 days and receive a 10% reward.
To prevent vulnerabilities, we use SafeMath for secure arithmetic operations involving token balances, transfers, and staking rewards.
Unmintable & Unforkable
ZAP is unforkable and has a fixed total supply of 129 trillion tokens, preventing both minting and forking.

ICO Token Details

Initial coin offering will take place on our official website ONLY before getting listed on uniswap

Aug 10, 2023 (9:00AM GMT)
September 10, 2023 (9:00AM GMT)
Acceptable currency
Total tokens for pre-sale
25% of Total Supply
Tokens exchange rate
1 ETH =1850 USD, 1 BTC = 31940 USD
Minimal transection amount

Sale Token

Aug 10 - Aug 15
5% Phase 1
Aug 16 - Aug 21
5% Phase 2
Aug 22 - Aug 27
5% Phase 3
Aug 28 - Sep 3
5% Phase 4
Sep 4 - Sep 10
5% Phase 5


Zaporaa (ZAP) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain, designed to represent a digital asset within the context of a Pokemon-themed ecosystem. As an ERC20 token, Zaporaa adheres to the established standards and functionalities of the the Ethereum Blockchain network, ensuring compatibility with various wallets, exchanges, and smart contracts.

ZAP is ONLY available on our official website, pre-sale starts on August 10th 2023. When pre-sale ends, ZAP will be available on Uniswaps for public trading. Wallet address: 

During the pre-sale incentive phase, Phase 1 offers the most affordable opportunity to purchase ZAP tokens. As ZAP gets listed on Uniswap, it is expected that the price will experience a significant surge.

After the conclusion of the pre-sale phase, ZAP holders will have the opportunity to sell their tokens at a significantly higher price which will be available at Pancakeswap for public trading.

ZAP, is built on the Ethereum platform. This means that ZAP utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain as its underlying infrastructure and takes advantage of the features and capabilities provided by the ethereum network.